The New Age is here!

The dust has settled and the new age of Kimdorr has come. The land of the humans has undergone a great change, the magic of the world has vanished, some blame this on the wizards eating it all up for the Wizard War, some blame the God Onerius for capping the well with Ethersilver.

What is known is the bright sea of the Pirate Kingdoms, the trade right now is good since the portals have failed, the world is still full of war, the rumors that the Elven Kingdoms are on the march, the Dwarven kingdoms are gearing for war against the Drow incursion. The Vampire kingdom of St Luise has started to branch out from the south of the old Human lands. The Orcs and the Onerian Kingdom clash against the Undead of the desert kingdom.

Our heroes are living in a small town called Fish Hook, and in the distance the storm is coming, will it dash them across the rocks, or will they weather and come out all the wealthier.

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Kimdorr - The New Dawn

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